Read My Book: The Sound of Secrets

The Sound of Secrets is available here
If my sister had survived her eating disorder, she might've been my coauthor for a book like this. The Sound of Secrets is about repairing your relationship with food and recreating your perception of beauty.
My sister’s life was cut short in 2012 at the age of 34. She battled anorexia and bulimia for nearly two decades. And when she passed away, my mind was unsettled in so many different ways. I wanted answers, comfort, understanding, and to be at peace with what had happened. So I started writing.
At first I journaled about our childhood, and then about the self-imposed hell that wrecked her body and stole her life. And when I was able to hash all that out, I started noticing some parallels between my sister and most young females today: Women are at war with food and their bodies. 
Their situation may not be as severe as my sister's, but they're still robbing themselves of happiness and health. And I’m certainly not immune. I’ve been there too.
I wanted to give women insight on real nourishment. Here are the most common questions I've gotten about the book:
What’s it about?
All forms of disordered eating are “sticky.” They’re hard to get out of. This book is about getting un-stuck. It’s about my sister, it’s about me, and if you can relate, it’s about you too.
When it comes to eating, you don't have to choose between self-punishment and out-of-control indulgence. Both leave you feeling horrible. And the middle-ground between the two isn't any better: Punish yourself consistently so that you can overindulge occasionally. No, that also sucks. 
The best alternative is not between these things; it's on a whole different plane: Nourish yourself at all times. This book teaches you how.
Why did you write it?
I wanted to give you advice, motivation, resources, and a story. No fluff. No filler. Nothing that wouldn’t either inform or entertain you. I also wanted to be brutally honest. This book contains some ugly scenes and gritty details. But that’s exactly how eating disorders work.
Writing it was cathartic for me. It helped me make sense of my sister’s death, and it helped me realize that so many women are tied up in the same sort of thinking that stole her life. I wrote a lot of it in tears, some of it with a big dumb smile on my face, and most of it blissed-out in happy fitness-geek mode.
I cut unnecessary and boring stuff out and ended up with a book under 100 pages. Which means you won’t have to invest a lot of time in something that can permanently change the way you think.
Why so cheap?
Why not? I want my sister’s story to spread. I want to start a revolution. So if it looks like a bargain, awesome. 
Write a good Amazon review for me if you like it... but don’t if you’re going to be a turd.