The Competitive Personality

The Rising Action and The Crescendo

Certain people crave competition. It's not necessarily a need to win, a need to feel better than other people, or a need for validation. 

No. It's just that they don't feel like they're living out their highest potential unless they're preparing for something big. They want a little healthy pressure.

These types of people want to work toward an event -- a date on the calendar -- when they can say, "Here's my hard work. Yay! Now let's kick back a while and then find something else."

If life is an ongoing series of songs, then those events are the big crescendos. They're the climax. And what's cool is, the discipline and anticipation are even more exhilarating than the event itself.

Competition Addiction

I'm craving an event. Doesn't matter what it is. If I have to prepare for a hotdog eating contest I will.  

But the kind of competition that makes the most sense given my interests, experience, and knowledge would be just to do another figure contest. After all, if I'm writing articles about fitness and bodybuilding, I ought to be in the trenches.

I've added some muscle since competing last April. I've healed my digestion. I've learned a few priceless things about staying healthy on the road to the stage. I definitely have a bigger butt.

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And I'm a journalist at heart. So if things get weird, which they inevitably will (preparing for any competition will have hiccups) then I'll be able to report it back to you in interesting ways.

The Illusion of Extremes

The more disciplined and consistent a person is, the more "extreme" her routine will appear to those who don't have the same experience. 

For instance, the daily routine of a competitive gymnast would seem pretty normal to her, but it would freak me the crap out. Of course she wouldn't think anything of it; because to her, hours of strenuous training is a small price to pay for something she's driven to achieve.

She's passionate about her sport and she's taken years to gradually work up to that level of discipline.

Self-discipline is easy when you know the reason for it, and that reason sets you on fire. 

So comparatively speaking, preparing for a local figure competition is nothing. Being conscientious about the amount of food I eat and the quality of it, while building muscle, are things I enjoy doing anyway. Knowing there's a competition on the horizon just makes me more deliberate about that lifestyle. 

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Although it may look a little anal retentive or extreme to outsiders, competition prep just gives me incentive to kick it up a notch and rise to the occasion. It turns up my passion a little louder.

What's Your Passion?

What do you do that makes discipline feel easy? I'd love to know. It doesn't have to be fitness related. 

Would someone peering in from the outside world think that your routine is a little over-the-top?

Also, are you a competition addict? Or do you find discipline inherently satisfying without the need for an event?