Weight Training: Beyond the Mirror Muscles

Exercise cures people. And if you lift, you know that weight training can be one of the best all-around remedies for life's messiness.

It helps you produce the hormones that give you energy, empowerment, and virility. It's solace during rough times and productive distraction. And physically, it's what will keep you feeling young and moving well. It prevents sarcopenia (muscle wasting), and it gives you the strength to live and do things independently. 

You've also got to love what it can do for your appearance. Obviously there's more to working out than its aesthetic benefits. This goes without saying, which is why I don't say it very often. Strength and health are inevitable when you buckle down and turn to discipline in the weight room. And if it does have a positive impact on your appearance, why not be honest about enjoying that? What's wrong with using what you do in the gym to achieve a look you're stoked about?

It annoys me when people get pretentious about working out for reasons other than appearance. Admit it! You love looking good!

There's a book called "The Joys of Much Too Much" which tells women how to balance busy careers with happy marraiges and kids. That's kind of how weight training is, if you think about it. It's multifaceted. And it's all good.

That book comes to mind when thinking about the things you can achieve with your weight training. The big career is like the look we're striving for, and the other joys that we get out of weight training, the ones that impact our longevity and wellness, are like the family and relationships that are so important to us.

All aspirations are deeply satisfying, meaningful, and good. Some may be more important to you during different seasons of your life than others. But if you can enjoy all of the perks of weight training why would you not?

One of the other benefits of time spent under the iron is relentlessness. You simply can't live your life a weakling or a chronic victim if you're a dedicated lifter. Lifters work through shit. They actually take comfort in the discipline of hard work, and that hard work helps them to be disciplined in other aspects of their lives. It's a relationship that reinforces itself. It's one of the "joys" that comes with weight training. 

Are you relentless? Find out here. And drop me a line if you have any feedback.