Competition Prep: 5-Weeks Out

Unconventional Fat Loss and the Art of Turning Setbacks Around
They say the off-season is when muscle is built, and competition prep is when the fat is stripped away to reveal that muscle. 

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Competition Prep: 6-Weeks Out

Muscle Transference, Glutes, Genetics, and The Colon…
Get this: When you train a muscle group on one side of your body, the same muscle group on the other side will respond as if it had been trained too. It’s called muscle transference.
Last week I tweaked my right rear delt. I felt it aching but pushed through a back workout anyway, which made it worse. But the cool thing is, during the few days when it was out of commission, I still trained my left side, and a man at my gym came up and told me that whatever work I was doing on my left side would transfer to my right
Apparently this is why tennis players, who grip the racquet with one hand, don’t have a more muscular bicep, delt, or forearm on the side that holds the racquet. Their arms remain mostly symmetrical because muscle transference occurs in the hand that’s not being used for that isometric tension.
When the neurons fire off on one side of the body, they fire off on the other side too. 
The Art and Anatomy of Gorgeous Glutes
Glute development is one of the major things on my agenda for the next few weeks. A lot of competitors spend time focusing on the glute-ham tie in because that area is hard to both lean down and build up. There are a few reasons for this: 
1. The top of the hamstrings is where a lot of us ladies store fat. 
2. If you don’t store much fat there, chances are you have naturally flatter behind which means you may need to build up the muscle in that area. 
3. A lot of women have a hard time making their glutes fire during workouts. Without a mind-muscle connection there it'll be impossible to train them at their fullest potential.
Luckily these can all be fixed.
The ideal booty for a figure competitor is curved, yet rock solid, flowing seamlessly (no fold or crease) from glute to ham with muscle definition.
I’m not there yet, but I still text booty pictures like this to my husband throughout the day.
Genetics and Bone Structure of Bodybuilders
There’s a book called The Sports Gene and it goes into detail about ancestry, evolution, and what kind of body types perform best in certain sports. For instance, people with longer torsos make better swimmers and people with longer legs make better runners. Too bad I hate being in water because my torso is a freaking mile long.
This idea of genetics and athletics has always piqued my interest and I finally found something that addresses bone structure and bodybuilding. Check out this video from Eric Helms:

The thing I like most is what he says about making comparisons. There’s really no sense in comparing yourself to other people unless they have a similar bone structure to yours. 
Is Your Belly is Sticking Out Because You’re Full of Sh*t?
There’s no room for shyness or sexiness when you’re lying in fetal position waiting for the colon hydrotherapist to stick a tube in your naked butt. I had my first colonic yesterday.
Remember how I told you that my lower belly sticks out? Well, it wasn’t just caused by a weak lower back, it was also caused by being backed-up. 
The colon hydrotherapist told me that most people walk around with several pounds of accumulated feces stuck to the walls of their colons, and a potbelly is one of the signs of carrying a lot of crap.
A lot of people are skeptical about colonics or alternative therapy in general, but since getting it done, my waist and lower belly are a lot smaller. This is how they are supposed to look. And it’s a lot more comfortable than walking around chronically full of shit.
If you’re an athletic person one of the most frustrating things is to work out really hard, eat a consistently healthy diet, and yet have a protruding lower belly. So I won’t tell you to go do it because I’m actually not sure if there are any negative repercussions, but I’m happy with the results thus far, especially since enzymes and probiotics didn’t seem to make much of a difference for me.
Also, if you struggle with belly issues, watch this. And check out the entire Fix Your Digestion site.

Q & A: How Lean Do You Have to Be to Prep for a Competition?

Got fitness or food questions? Ask away! Or see if you can relate to some of the former questions here and here

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Competition Prep: 7-Weeks Out

On the lower belly pooch, cravings, and Valentine’s day...
Ever heard of this problem before: having a protruding lower belly without having belly fat? It’s a fairly common thing, and it could be the result of multiple issues like inflammation in the gut, digestive problems, or APT (anterior pelvic tilt). 

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Competition Prep: 8 Weeks Out

On Carb Cycling, Muscle Maintenance, and Nightmares:
Last night my teeth fell out. All of them.

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Relax. You're Not What You Eat.

Diets are a touchy subject these days. Everyone who’s on one protects it like a religion. 

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Competition Prep: 10 Weeks Out

On Hypertrophy, Symmetry, Carbs and Coaching:
How do you plan workouts? Do you think about your body's symmetry when you're deciding what to do?

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Competition Prep: 13 Weeks Out

Are you addicted to catastrophizing?

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Competition Prep: 12 Weeks Out

On boldness, energy, and bringing the fun:
There’s a principle in improv comedy called getting out of your head and what it does is help you focus on the scene, rather than thinking about what other people may be thinking about you. 
When you place your thoughts on what's going on around you rather than yourself, you're able to get out of your head and project your energy outward. In doing so you engage with the other improvisers, listen to them, respond, and commit to the character you’re playing. Which is good because if you’re stuck in your own head, you’re thinking about yourself and trying to look/sound/behave perfectly. And that’s a problem.

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Grit, Growth, And The Easily Offended

Many people call last year the year of the non-apology. The cyclist took drugs. The pop tart twerked. The yoga store CEO talked about thighs that rub. The hot mom asked what your excuse was. The duck hunter quoted the Bible. And none of them gave an apology that could assuage the hurt booty of the collective public. 

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